Kettlebell Snatch Workout and Unconventional Training Circuit

Use this unconventional Kettlebell Snatch Workout circuit to blast fat and turbo charge your endurance.

Warm-up and Mobility Work:

  1. 5 Rites of Tibetan Yoga (10-20 Reps Each Movement)

Main Workout:

Instructions: Complete 5 rounds of the following Kettlebell Snatch Workout circuit. Rest as much as needed, with at least 30 seconds between rounds.

  1. 10 Kettlebell Snatches: 10 Reps (each arm)

  2. Alternating Tire Slams: 20 Reps (alternating sides)

  3. Split Stance Push Ups: 10 Reps

  4. Heart Shapes: 10 Reps

Kettlebell Snatch Workout Tips:

This Kettlebell Snatch Workout circuit uses some unique training tools. If needed, modify and substitute exercises as follows:

  • Med Ball Slams for Alternating Tire Slams

  • Dumbbell Arm Circles for Heart Shapes