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Precision FitCation - Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge Precision FitCation

July 5-8, 2018

Sponsored by Pine Pollen Superfoods

Hosted by: Robert Grevious, Owner of Precision Fit'Cations and Fitness Contributor for Pine Pollen Superfoods

Welcome to Colorado! This Fit'Cation is taking you a little higher than usual, 9,600 ft higher to be exact! This 4 day retreat includes hiking a 14er, yoga, pound-fit, bootcamps, and healthy eating. On Sunday we will have a special guest come in and do a spiritual healing workshop. Mind, body and soul will definitely be invigorated on this retreat. Just like all our retreats it will be held in a luxury Villa set upon the mountains of Breckinridge Colorado!

*4-6 Fitness classes/Day: Tabata, Pound-fit, Yoga, Pilates
*Guided Meditation
*Excursion Day – Hike (Colorado 14er)
*3 Healthy Meals/Day

Cost: $400-$2000